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Construction Business Closure Auction with Police Seizures RING 2

Auction Day: September 16, 2018 Time: 11:00 AM Viewing Day: September 15, 2018 Time: 9:00 AM
Location: 11205-149 St, Edmonton, Alberta
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Ring 2 Overviews & Features

This construction tool and police seizure auction this Sunday September 16th is one you will want to put a reminder in your calendar.  There will be carpeting, tiling and all the flooring needs, tires, rims, shocks n struts, sandblasting booth.  Ryobi portable table saws, generators, ladders, toolboxes PLUS an extreme amount of safety equipment, work wear, steel toed footwear, signs, tape plus, plus, plus.  There will ALSO be tons of hardware and hand tools, rope, chains, storage bins and even more surplus. 


Toolboxes!  More than what meets the eye!

Literally, they are everywhere here.  Every type to suit your need.  There will be brand spanking new ones, ones that have been greased up and the drawers open nice and smoothly.  Large ones, small ones, stack-able ones and personal sized ones.  Most are full!  So Be sure to check them out this Saturday and see what sockets, wrenches and screwdrivers  fill theses buddies with and how the hot brand new ones you know you will get for a deal here!  Viewing is at 11205 149 Street NW, from 9am - 6pm.  You can register then or on Sunday September 16th, the day of the auction.  Did you also know you can bid online?  Check us out at Friday evening that is when the pre-bidding can start.

Automotive & Industrial

Nothing short of what you need, want and have not enough of.  This Sunday's auction will have tires, rims, shock, struts, rancho suspensions, truck toolbox, air compressors to name only a few of the items that will be exciting in this week's auction.  Come down this Saturday Sept 15 between 9-6pm to view the items.  The auction begins at 11am this Sunday September 16th, you will want to come early to register. 

Work Clothing & Safety

Safety items such as outer wear clothing. protective clothing, footwear, welding helmets, gloves, first aid kits, fire extinguisher and ladders to name a few. You will see a layer of fluorescent colours and red and white everywhere this Saturday September 22 when you come to view the items that are up for grabs this in this Sundays auction.  Our location is at 11205 149 Street NW and our viewing hours are from 9-6pm.  The auction goes live at 11am on the 23rd of September.  I will be there and hope to see you then!  If you have any questions, just ask for Lara :)

The Big Pieces

New and used Hilti, Ryobi, Milwaukee.  10" portable table saws, generators, compressors, fans and heating units.  This auction has it all, hands down.I thought our other Tool auctions had lots of equipment, wow, this one offers so many different tools!  Come over to our Ring 2 warehouse this Saturday 
Sept 15 from 9-6pm to test the tools that you are after.  Our address is 11205 149 Street NW.  The auction begins Sunday September at 11am and that is when the good deals starts to happen...

The Small Pieces

I was once called a tackle tart.  Well, I tell  you, if I was into tools, then I would definitely be labelled a tool tackle tart!  There is so much here to scoop up at a low price.  You will find fasteners, clamps, blades, lights, cords, electrical, hoses and the list goes on and on.  You need small items for your tool box or belt or shop cheap?  This is where you will find it.  Viewing day is Saturday September 15 from 9-6pm and the auction goes live at 11am on Sunday September 16th 2018

Goodies & Essentials

Goodies and essentials, such as mops, buckets, harnesses, both plastic and metal garbage bins, garbage bags by the case and even new tool storage bins!  Wheel barrows and utility carts.  Come and see what I am talking about this Saturday September 15 between 9am - 6pm.  While you are here, you might as well register for the auction on and skip the line up on Sunday September 16th 2018.  See you then!

Flooring & Tiling & Linoleum

Pallets upon pallets upon rolls and rolls of tiling, carpeting, linoleum.  Enough to satisfy any need.  Glass, ceramic, porcelain, Italian, carpet squares or rolled carpet.  This is something you will have to come down to our warehouse this Saturday September 15 2018 to see for yourself.  Our Viewing hours are from 9am - 6pm.  The Auction begins at 11am on the Sunday September 16th 2018.  Our address is 11205 149 Street NW.

To attend this auction click here Get Free catalogue & updates

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