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How Kastner's works! How We Sell Your items at Auction

Auctions in Edmonton are Successfully achieved by Kastner’s We know what you need:

*Kastner Auctions Edmonton Sends over 24,500 OPT-IN Emails per week
*Our Web-site gets 20,000 Visitors per month.
*WE still use traditional paper marketing methods ( The Edmonton Sun) which taps into all markets for you
*Kastner Auctions employs full Social Marketing Campaigns to spread the word of Your merchandise that is selling next weekend.

Kastner Auctions has between 260-770 People that attend our auctions LIVE through-out a given day.
We will usually have 200-300 People Logged in on the internet bidding on your merchandise next week, this is in addition to our live attendance!!.

Small auctions net small results, Kastner Auctions has 14 Employees dedicated to your results, on-line, off-line and on-call. We are Fully trained in Set-up, Evaluation, Marketing Sales Presentation and Spontaneous Sales. Our auctioneers have a minimum of 30 years experience selling your assets.

*most LIVE Auctions Charge 15% buyers Premium we have remained at 10%.
*Lower buyer premiums mean higher bids for your items!
*commissions depend on your unique situation, contact us for a free estimate!

Kastner auctions has had permanent Weekly auctions for over 26 YEARS, more people are conditioned to leave their Sundays open to bid on your merchadise at your Kastner Sunday Auction Service.

We sell Businesses, Insurance Claims, Equipment, Assets from Legals Disputes, Bailiff seizures, Retail Furnishings, Estates, Real estate, Vehicles, Restaurant equipment, high-end jewelry, Show home Furnishings, Building Supplies, Industrial equipment. Salon and Tanning Equipment and More!

There are 2 solutions (the rest are outlined in our free report)
Consignment: You receive a cheque for your item 3-4 days after the auction
Buy Out: We purchase all of your assets now, you receive a Money Order Today

sign up for our Free Introductory package that outlines the selling process and the 7 different ways to turn your inventory AND assets into Cash. Kastner Auctions Will Liquidate all of your Assets with Century old and Technologically advanced techniques.

We will pick up all you assets and prepare them for Auction you don’t have to be present to do anything, all paper work will be provided for you before the auction.